Genesis Litecoin Mining Calculator

Litecoin vs Bitcoin

The main difference is age and value of this two cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin was developed by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009 and Charles Lee launched Litecoin in 2011.

This guy just wanted to improve the Bitcoin and make it much better.

The value of 1 Bitcoin in April 2017 is $1000. Litecoin’s one is $10.7 at the same time. So it’s 100 times less than 1 Bitcoin.

Litecoin is actually also cryptocurrency which is by some people called digital money.

When you mine Bitcoin you will need 10 minutes to generate 1 block.


Litecoin gives you an option for instant payments. It will cost you nearly anything in the whole world. It is fully decentralized – which mean no financial authority anywhere.

You can also modify it and create your own currency – it is open-source software.

There are about 25 litecoins per block and every 4 years halving will happen.

More transaction can run at the same time than Bitcoin is able.

If you want to check the ROI try this Genesis Litecoin Calculator.